Chaos por Dani DaOrtiz – Free Download

The greatest genius in this day and age concerning card magic, and a big star of Spanish magic, Dani DaOrtiz reveals to you tricks, principles and techniques which he had still never published.

His magic has a formidable efficiency and a rare intelligence. It is devilishly innovative and reveals a big personality; he is a tremendous artist. He was proudly welcomed in Paris, France for an exclusive shooting.

With only a deck of cards, he has brought his audience to seventh heaven! It is now your turn to enjoy this absolutely unmissable magician.

6 Tricks (Demonstration + Explanation)
– Vibrations
– Card to glass
– 3 cards with the touch
– Chaotic four of a kind
– One time ambitious
– Number of chaos

30 Minutes of Bonus (Without Explanation)
– Chaotic warm up
– Extra bonus
– Another extra bonus
– Encore

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