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Breakthrough by Johannes Mengel

Breakthrough by Johannes Mengel "Breakthrough is like real magic for the eyes! I'm gonna be doing this for everyone, it's the sort of magic I love to perform!" -Dynamo "I never imagined that to be the method. Very clever. I will be showing this to Dynamo today and hope to fool him with it." -Doug McKenzie, consultant for Dynamo and David Blaine

Holy COW by Chef Tsao

Holy COW by Chef Tsao Have you ever heard the "Arming System by Chef Tsao"? In that DVD, some of the most challenging coin magic to date was presented, and Chef Tsao's arming technique amazed his audience as any other true magic did.

Giacomo Bertini Revolutionary Coin Technique

Giacomo Bertini Revolutionary Coin Technique This DVD reveals a revolutionary and superior system of coin manipulation which has been applied to five classic routines. In addition you will find a collection of utility sleights that are destined to raise the bar and change coin magic forever.

The Dance by Brian Platt

The Dance by Brian Platt The Dance is a simple, no frills plot: Coins jump around, from one hand to the other in the cleanest and most surprising of manners. Each move can be performed independently for a squeaky clean, quick hit trick, or elegantly stacked. This DVD will challenge and inspire everyone from beginners to the most advanced coin workers.

Ringside by Gregory Wilson

Ringside by Gregory Wilson The performer shows a coin and places into his hand. He squeezes the coin in his fist and it instantly travels to his opposite hand. He does it again but this time instead of the coin going, the ring on that same hand travels to the opposite hand instead. He takes the ring and places it into his pocket. When he tosses the coin into the air, it instantly transforms into the ring.

Sherlock’oin by Thomas Riboulet

Sherlock'oin by Thomas Riboulet From the minds of Thomas Riboulet and Anthony Stan, all the way from France. Sherlock'oin is an effect of pure magic! This is one of the most direct and clean methods of sending an object to an "impossible" place.