Bakore Magic E Daklon Deck – Digital Download

You show a deck of cards in your hand.
You ask a spectator to name any card in the deck (Free choice).
You show them that on the deck there is a small STICKER with a note….. saying a number (20).
You tell them this note is special because it shows the location of your card in the deck.

You take the cards out of the box, and count them one by one…. 1…2…3…4……19 … and the card number 20 is indeed their chosen card.
You then turn the card and how that its back is RED… while all the rest of he cards their back is BLUE!

A perfect routine made special for VIRTUAL SHOWS.

* Free choice of cards
* Deck is in full view all the time
* Use a regular deck of cards
* Location of the card is fully chosen any you and can be any location you choose to put
* Easy to do and make your own!

You will get a download video with Haim, Amir & Guy explaining the routine, DIY explanation on how to easily make the gimmick (will take you only 5 min), additional Ideas, variations and subtleties for the routines.

This effect is designed for Virtual shows only – not for on location shows!

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