Deception by Ilya Melyukhin

A deck of cards fades away until only the selected card remains. A new gimmick inspired by Paul Harris's original vanishing deck illusion. Super visual! Easy to use as well as to create!

Endless by Iñaki Zabaletta & Vernet Magic

Want to make a splash? Command attention before you even start performing your first card trick? Well "Endless" helps you do just that. It offers a visual and thrilling way to introduce a deck of cards, while also providing a great callback kicker that can tie together longer routines.

X Ray-Vision by Mickael Chatelain

The Magic Apple is thrilled to breathe new life into the beloved "X-Ray Eye" effect from Jeff Ezell. Your spectator literally won't believe their eyes when they gain the power to see right through the back of their selected playing card.

Masterclass Live by Jim Steinmeyer

We are thrilled to announce that Jim Steinmeyer will be the August Masterclass instructor. Steinmeyer's place is the pantheon of magic legends is secure: he has designed illusions for stage and screen, including some of Broadway's most memorable magic scenes. He has worked with all the greats in magic,

The Dark Veil by Jean Pierre Vallarino

The fastest switch device in the world! The precious advice of Jean-Pierre Vallarino will guide you to make this new accessory a terribly effective weapon! Apparitions, disparitions, transformations, changes...

Cylinder and Coins by Joshua Jay

Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. have taken a classic of magic and completely revamped it for a modern audience. This incredible professional kit gives you everything you need to add one of the best close up magic tricks of the last century into your working set.

The Peak by Mr. Blonde

The Peak is an industry first. The start of a new, modern and exciting generation of solid state, custom designed and intricately manufactured devices. This new and innovative composition allows you instant and direct access to a written or drawn thought whenever you desire. Finished in both metal and carbon fiber,