Luke Jermay LIVE! by Luke Jermay – Free Download

Of course, you've heard of Luke Jermay. He is arguably the most influential mentalist of the modern era, having published over 30 books and manuscripts, released a bunch of DVDs, and consulted for major TV shows, as well as created his own very successful live stage shows. He devises some of the most groundbreaking mind-reading material available and he conveys the illusion of real mind-reading better than just about anyone.

2014 Fism Gimmicked by Andost – Free Download

Our card magic should not be limited to the gaff cards on the market. This DVD provides detailed instructions on how to make gaffed and gimmicked cards used by professional magicians worldwide. An essential skill for all card workers.

The Magic Of Michael Ammar vol 1-4 – Free Download

mediately upon its release, The Magic of Michael Ammar became one of the fastest-selling magic books in history. Now, for the first time on DVD, you can actually see the magic that made Michael Ammar a world-champion magician performed by its creator at the very peak of his powers.

Michael Vincent – Elegant Deceptions – Free Download

Welcome to "The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent Volume 3 - Elegant Deceptions" Volume 3 continues with the same intention as Volumes 1 and 2 - that is to transform the learning of magic through the medium of video. Over the last year, Michael Vincent has broken new ground in merging the video medium with his dynamic teaching style.