2021 Packet Trick Fooler Collection by Joseph B – Free Download

This is a collection of packet trick. All the effects have a surprising impact on the spectator because they are full of twists. As you can see from the performances they are very visual with many color change. Some can be made with a regular deck of cards, others require some gaff cards, which are easy to find.

2021 Donna Zuckerbrot – Tarot – Free Download

Much more than a popular form of fortune telling, some say that a great and ancient wisdom is hidden in the mysterious images of the Tarot deck. In some circles, they are thought to be the sole surviving "book" from the great fire that burned the libraries of ancient Egypt.

2021 Yu Huihang – Reverse Matrix – Free Download

Singaporean Magician Yu Huihang puts his signature creative spin on a classic of coin magic with “Reverse Matrix”. This very appropriately named effect flips the beloved coin matrix on its head by performing it in reverse. Four coins are openly shown in one corner before instantly traveling under each separate playing card with just a snap of the fingers.

2021 Pocket Seance by Jamie Daws – Free Download

- POCKET SEANCE - ​An impromptu seance routine using props you'll find virtually anywhere! ‘Pocket Seance’ is a eerie bizarre piece designed to be performed at the drop of a hat using nothing but items you will find around you. Displaying three small pieces of folded paper, a pencil and a wine glass, you explain that you and spectators are going to summon the spirit of someone past. You ask them, if they were to sit down to dinner with a deceased celebrity, who would it be?

2021 Impossible Memory by Joseph B – Free Download

A totally impossible memory effect! One of the greatest secrets of Joseph B. Certainly a Magician FOOLER. The effect is structured in three phases, one more surprising than the other! All this with a borrowed and totally impromptu deck! It sounds unbelievable! It is unbelievable, a really charming and sneaky method!