5 Professional Routines by John Carey – Free Download

In this exciting new collection, I present 5 professional card routines for your enjoyment and to add to your repertoires. Each effect has been designed for maximum impact with minimum of work. The effects are extremely strong and being user friendly means you can really focus on the presentation to get the maximum impact.

Here’s the table of contents:

1. Scattered! A deck is shuffled and a spectator plays an imagination game and names a four of a kind. Inviting them to extend their imagination, those four cards each then appear in four different locations, culminating in the final one appearing inside the box!

2. Streamlined Prediction. A semi automatic card prediction with an emotional hook utilizing an application of a brilliant Brother John Hamman idea. Super strong and easy!

3. Fortune Teller. If you work commercially you have probably been asked if you can read fortunes? This self working piece is perfect for the ladies and the presentational possibilities are endless!

4. I’ve got your number! Another semi automatic mystery culminating in a perfect prediction. Utilizing an age old concept that has been ramped up for maximum impact.

5. Sync… A thought of card effect you will add to your repertoire immediately. One little move plus smoke and mirrors equals a little miracle!

Powerful, practical and card magic you can and will use!

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