Month February 2024

Moon Wave by Victor Sanz and Agus Tjiu

A card impossibly vanishes slowly and visually mid-air! Victor Sanz finally releases one of his best keep secrets of this last decade: MOONWAVE, brought into reality with the knowledge and talent of Agus Tjiu, creator of the best seller LEAP. Since 2014, Agus

The Giant Sidewalk Shuffle by Wolfgang Riebe

Originated by Ken Brook and enhanced by Wolfgang Riebe! An incredible, giant 4-card routine that TOTALLY bamboozles your audience. Three blank cards and an Ace are shown, and the audience is instructed to follow the Ace. They always get it wrong! An unexpected surprise finish occurs when there is only one blank card and THREE ACES!

One More Box by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley Presents One More Box. A routine by Jorge Luques We present to you an incredibly captivating routine from Jorge Luques, ideal for your parlor and close-up shows, produced by Gustavo Raley.