2016 Q&A Masterclass by Bob Cassidy – Free Download

The Q&A act is the strongest mentalism feat a mind reader can perform and Bob Cassidy is the MASTER. Read the minds of your ENTIRE AUDIENCE by answering unspoken questions and revealing thoughts in real time.

The Q&A master class is a once in a lifetime chance to learn secrets gathered from decades of performing.

In the OVER 5 HOURS of instruction from Bob Cassidy, you will learn the best methods for how to obtain the information, how to present the effect, how to reveal the information and most important, how to understand the purpose of the Q&A effect.

You will learn

Bob Cassidy’s full Q&A show performed live in front of an audience
Methods for how to gain information
Peeks with billets
Peeks with envelopes
The Umbrella Move
Center Tears
How to perform Q&A close-up
Cold reading techniques
Review of the show

And SO MUCH more…..

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